SHIP Copper Company is a 95% Subsidiary of Copper 360.

Shirley Hayes IPK (Pty) Ltd (“SHIP”) is a mining and exploration company that has been active for the past 14 years in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa consolidating and developing through exploration over 36,000 hectares of the most prospective copper mining targets in the district.

The area targeted by SHIP has over 12 open and underground mines and several geologically defined prospects that have been historically worked and drilled by the Newmont Mining Company (a major North American Mining Company) and Gold Fields (a major Global and South African born mining company) with both companies having left behind an extensive geological dataset now owned by SHIP. The area consolidated by SHIP was granted a mining licence, executed 8 December 2022, and lies approximately 10km north of the regional town of Springbok and 15km east of the town of Nababeep in an area of 19 260,0346 hectares.

Cape Copper Oxide is a 100% Subsidiary of Copper 360.

It produces copper by processing old historically mined rock dumps through a copper processing plant. The discard from the process is neutralised and used to fill-up old, mined areas whilst restoring the previously disturbed environment to its natural state.  The company is therefore classified as an environmental clean-up business. No mining takes place in the process, only the moving and processing of rock and deposition of a neutralised slurry. Cape Copper Oxide started construction of the copper processing plant on 12 April 2019 and commissioned the plant on 14 May 2021 with first copper being produced on 5 July 2022. The copper processing plant is located next to the town of Nababeep in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa and employs 160 people.

Cape Copper Oxide has built the first SX/EW (Solvent Extraction and Electrowining) Copper plant in the NCCB and in South Africa. On 10 August 2021 Cape Copper Oxide produced not only the first copper in the district in 10 years but also the first copper cathode (copper plates produced through the process of plating copper in solution via electric current) by cleaning up historical mined rock dumps. Furthermore, we are implementing Artificial Intelligence software in partnership with BASF (Multinational Chemical and Technology Company) that is a world first and optimises our metallurgical processing process of copper.

We are also in partnership with MetalTek (Specialist processing and Technology Company) building the first Fines Optimised Heap Leach (“FOHL”) pads in the world to further our copper processing recovery ability. This has also resulted in a world first in the application of technology towards environmental clean-up that leads to an almost zero net impact on the environment.

This not only gives us a strategic advantage when it comes to copper recovery but also a first mover advantage not only in the NCCB but also in South Africa (our home turf). We are also the only current producer of copper in the NCCB and the only company in South Africa that does so through environmental clean-up. Cape Copper Oxide recently won the Investing in African Mining Indaba 2022 ESG award for Technical Modernisation.

The Okiep Copper Company is a 100% Subsidiary of Copper 360.

The O’OKiep Copper Company (Pty) Ltd (“OCC”) was incorporated in 1937 by the Newmont Mining Company, and which is the oldest mining, operating copper company in South Africa.

In the 1960’s the O’okiep Copper Company which was floated on the New York stock exchange during the 40’s paid the highest dividend ever on the NYSE for that period.

During its golden era, investors received dividends totalling R180,3 million as a return on their original investment of R1 021 056.