Copper is the foundation and the driver of the new energy economy”

Demand for Copper has been steadily climbing as the global economy and its move toward greener, more environmentally friendly products and clean energy gathers momentum. It is expected that the growth in demand for the metal will continue on an upward trajectory as a consequence of this acceleration.

Recent global events continue to positively impact demand for copper as global plans accelerate to seek out alternative energy solutions and sustainable sources of energy.

Copper is an essential element in the Green Economy. It is a critical aspect of most electrical or battery-powered devices from smartphones through to electric cars while the generation of clean energy in wind farms, for example, is highly dependent on the metal for efficient conductivity. Copper has unmatched thermal and electrical conductivity properties and is also used to power high-speed rail and other key elements on which today, and tomorrow’s sustainable economy will depend.

The demand for copper is growing with twenty-year forecasts showing a potential increase of 50 percent. This will be driven in part by long-term trends to achieve a lower carbon future and dependency on energy efficiencies while the development of electronic devices and demand for electrically powered transportation is expected to surge consequently.

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